About Tiago Pereira

My name is Tiago. I was born in March 1987. Since a young age arts have been my safe place and where I let my creativity go wild. After general school, I choose arts as my follow up, really enjoyed design at the time until I found photography and all my life plans of university, design etc...simply Faded next to the pure joy and happiness photography gave me. So I enrolled at ETIC in Lisbon so that I could follow my photography passion and take my technique to the next level. After 2 full filling years, lots of mistakes and even more photos I finished my degree with a 16/20 diploma in my hand.
With a freshly printed diploma in my hand I got the opportunity to work at a photography agency in Lisbon, AFFP. Worked, learned and shot a lot of photos during one full year and after that in 2009 my freelancer adventure started in which I made a goal for my self to be self sustainable with my craft. Not as easy as I initially thought, but I managed. During the next years I worked harder and harder, making new clients, keeping old ones and most of all, trying to take my skills to the next level, always trying to better myself as a person and as an artist.
During this years I worked in various areas of photography, from real-estate, portrait, events, concert photography among others, but these stuck with me to this day and are my main areas in which I love to work and where I present the best results. 
One of the things I love most about my clients is they are as demanding with my results as I am, so we are most always in sync and that makes for a great work flow. After so many years working as a freelancer photographer I still love it and I always strive to show that in my photos and in my way of living and being in life. 13 Frames Per Second of 13FPS is a new image I want and need for my work, so I can take a whole new big step to where I want to go next and to also be able to bring the best results to my clients.

It's been a long and rarely easy road...and Yet there is more to come...and I couldn't be happier. Please join me and be a part of my journey in photography, helping me and my family to grow happy.

Thanks for reading my past, my present and my future goals. Hope we get in touch soon.
Best wishes,
Tiago Pereira

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